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Facility Information
Wheeler Auditorium

Technical Specifications

Policies governing the use of Cal Performances facilities



Cal Performances manages Zellerbach Auditorium, Zellerbach Playhouse, the William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre, and Wheeler Auditorium. Cal Performances is governed by a union contract between the University of California, Berkeley, and the University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE), Local 1, which is affiliated with the Communication Workers of America (CWA). All stagehand employees are professional, non-student positions. Please call in advance regarding IATSE labor or "yellow card" shows.

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Wheeler Auditorium is located within Wheeler Hall.

U.S. Interstate 80 to Ashby Avenue exit. East two miles to Telegraph Avenue. North (left) on Telegraph one mile to Durant Avenue. East (right) on Durant two blocks to Piedmont Avenue. North (right) on Piedmont, which becomes Gayley Road. Access to Wheeler is by campus access road just past Girton on right (see campus map). Loading area is on south side of building at front steps. No parking in Central Campus without prior arrangement; campus access restricted 8am-5pm Mon-Fri unless prior arrangements are made.

All arrangements for parking permits must be made in advance.

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Orchestra 705
Total 705


Loading Dock.

No loading dock. Loading area accessed at front entrance, house right.

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Proscenium 15' X 30'
Offstage Right limited
Offstage Left limited
Curtain to rear wall none
Curtain to last line set no linesets
Curtain to edge of apron 15'
Orchestra Pit none

No grid.

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Stage Floor T&G fir. Two steps, carpeted.
Not raked.
Dance Floor: none available.

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Grand Drape Motorized pull. Yellow.
Legs: 1 pair, Black.
Borders: 1 Black.
Scrims None
Projection Screen: 20' X 30' reflective screen

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Sound equipment is under development. Contact Cal Performances for most recent information.



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2 16mm film projectors with full changeover.
2 35mm film projectors with full changover and Dolby sound.


High intensity video projection available upon arrangement with Media Services. Contact Cal Performances for details.

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Lighting Console.

ETC Express 48/96


72 ETC Unison 2.4kw

Company Switch.

No company switch. One 3 phase, 120/208 VAC 30Amp service Back Stage Right.

Circuits/Lighting Positions

Limited. Contact Cal Performances for more information.



Lighting Instruments.

Lighting equipment limited. Contact Cal Performances for available inventory. Lighting equipment from Zellerbach is generally not available for Wheeler Auditorium. Cal Performances does not maintain a gel inventory.

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One dressing room located Stage Left. No monitor or page system. Dressing room has mirrors with lights, costume closet and dressing table. Toilet facilities located in dressing room; no shower.

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Space is available locally upon advance arrangement. Call for rates, reservations and availability.

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None available on site.

Rental Information

In addition to our fine arts program, as part of the mission of Cal Performances we are able to provide professional quality facilities and services for UC Berkeley on-campus users, community groups, and professional promoters and presenters. The facility is capable of accommodating a wide range of special events such as concerts, dance, music, theatre, and other performing arts disciplines, as well as lectures, symposia, seminars, and other entertainment or education related activities, at competitive market-based rental rates.

Rental dates are generally released in one-year-advance increments for campus and public use in the spring of the preceding year. Rental dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be limited due to the high level of activity in the venues.

For more information about rental guidelines, rates, and other information, contact Cal Performances at eventscalperfs.berkeley.edu.


Rental Rates
Rental rates are set according to the following guidelines:

On Campus Users
This includes departments, student groups, campus affiliated organizations, or other campus units which are recognized by the University. On campus users may rent the facility according to established recharge rates which are approved each year by the Office of Financial and Business Services.

Off Campus Users with Campus Sponsorship
This includes off campus users who have an established sponsorship with a campus group as defined above. Off campus users with campus sponsorship are required to use the campus sponsor as coordinating department for all billing of event expenses. The campus sponsor must be appropriately represented as the coordinating department, and proper credit and acknowledgement must be made in all advertising and promotion. Call for more information about campus sponsorship guidelines.

Off Campus Users
The facilities are also available for rental to off campus users. Since Cal Performances' facilities require a campus sponsor, for off campus users the campus sponsor can be Cal Performances. In addition to the recharge rates for the use of campus facilities, off campus users will pay an additional University fee to Cal Performances, which is negotiated on a per case basis.


Additional Information
Campus users have priority over off-campus users. Hertz Hall, Wheeler Auditorium and Zellerbach Playhouse have restrictions on their use because of campus assignment (classroom scheduling or lab/performance assignment). The Greek Theatre is restricted by campus use conditions and is also governed by Agreement. In general, Cal Performances' facilities are limited to fine arts, educational, or other entertainment related events. The use of University facilities for commercial or fundraising purposes is subject to approval in advance of reservation. Please see the Technical Specifications for more details on the conditions of facility use.


Facilities most commonly available for rental are:
Zellerbach Auditorium (2005 seats)
Wheeler Auditorium (705 seats)
General Questions: ticketsatcalperformances.org

Ticket Office: 510.642.9988

Website Comments: wwwatcalperformances.org

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